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Pearl velvet shade cloth and velvet linen shade cloth which is good

Pearl velvet shade cloth and velvet linen shade cloth which is good

Industry news
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2018/12/04 08:17
Which is better for pearl velvet shade cloth and velvet linen shade cloth? The velvet linen cloth is a little better. Pearl velvet composition: 100% polyester; characterized by soft handfeel, fine texture, green and environmental protection. Special processing to achieve special functions such as moisture-proof and warmth; mainly used in nightwear, baby products, children's wear, clothing lining, shoes and hats, toys, interior accessories, craft products, home accessories and other materials.
Velvet linen fabric: It is made of silk and cashmere. It is compatible with silk. It is bright, pleasing to the eye, soft and lustrous, moisture absorbing, light, smooth and elastic. The cashmere fiber is fine, light, soft, tough and not easy to fade. Two features should be worn close to you.
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