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Little knowledge of Shading Buri, all here

Little knowledge of Shading Buri, all here

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2018/12/04 08:17
Coated shade cloth: Dyed coating on ordinary fabrics to achieve shading. Coatings are generally silver coated, flocked, etc. These fabrics are available in two or more layers.
Flame-retardant shade cloth: It is divided into fiber flame retardant and finishing flame retardant shade cloth.
Embossed blackout cloth: A blackout cloth that has been dyed or dyed with flame retardant finishing, and is pressed by a special device to exhibit various pattern effects, and is made into an embossed blackout cloth.
Of course, the shade cloth is much more than these three types, including woven shade cloth, printed shade cloth, jacquard shade cloth and so on.
Cotton blackout curtains are flammable, catching fire quickly, and have a burning scent of paper. After burning, they are fine and soft gray and black floc. Hemp blackout curtains have similar burning characteristics to cotton, and have a paper-burning taste. After burning, they are fine and soft gray floc.
The blackout curtains slowly burned after the fire, and there is a burning smell of the hair. After burning, the black coke is carbon-like and brittle.
The easiest way to distinguish is through the understanding of the professional knowledge of shade cloth curtains, listen to the explanations of the curtain shop guides, combine the senses with the touch, and choose the blackout curtains that are most suitable for your home.
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