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How to install sunshade curtains - Global Textile Network Information Center

How to install sunshade curtains - Global Textile Network Information Center

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2018/12/04 08:17
How to install the sunshade curtains? The hot summer is coming, I believe most people are extremely scared. Therefore, in order to protect the living room from strong ultraviolet rays, many homeowners will choose to install sunshade curtains on the windows. The following is a small series to explain to everyone.
Sunshade curtain installation method:
First, you should measure the actual size of the window before you know how much the curtain size is appropriate. Next, measure the fixed hole pitch and the size of the track to be installed, and then determine the actual required spacing and distance.
Secondly, the current curtain track has single, double or triple points. If the width of the window is greater than 1200mm, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the curtain to be disconnected, which is convenient for later installation.
Then, install the lifting clips. The method is to first rotate the clip 90° to match it with the track; then, screw it to the top plate, which is the case with a wooden structure. If the structure is concrete, it needs to be fixed with expanded filaments.
Finally, the rod is fixed and its position is consistent with the elevation of the room. Next, install the shade cloth curtains that have been measured in advance. Of course, after installation, check whether its appearance is abnormal; then, check the compact type of each interface, you can try to pull the installed curtains to check whether the curtain is flexible. If you still encounter resistance, you need to adjust it again, until the pull is smooth and flexible.
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